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For years, I sensed that it shouldn't be so hard to live my best life. I would try the latest manifesting trend and when that left me frustrated or empty-handed, I would jump to the next. This cycle continued until I started using my human design chart as a manifestation tool. 

As I learned how to use my manifestation type, as well as my energy, strategy, and self/not-self theme, the world started opening up for me in ways I could only ever have imagined. The blocks I kept encountering around money, self-worth, and love began to fade and then vanish. My work as a therapist, coach, and entrepreneur started to thrive.


Embracing my profile type, I decided to share what I'd  learned with others. By using their own charts, my clients started to experience improvements in their careers, relationships, and lives. Mindsets and beliefs that had hindered their growth for years became clear. They finally understood themselves and felt seen by others. 

When I witnessed others manifesting their deepest desires by using their human design chart to shift their perspectives, connect and listen to the wisdom in their bodies, and become more aligned in their lives, I knew my purpose was to share this technique with as many people as possible and help them transform their lives. 

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Manifesting Forum
Manifesting using Human Design

Manifesting with Human Design 

Did you know the best way for YOU to manifest is built into your Human Design chart?


We are either "Specific" or "Non-Specific" manifestors. How do you know which one you are?

On your Human Design chart, there are 4 arrows. If the bottom right arrow points left, you are a "specific" manifestor. If the bottom right arrow points right, you are a "non-specific" manifestor.


Click the arrows labeled "specific" or "non-specific" to learn how to use your unique manifesting abilities to create a life you're excited about. 

Human Design Chart
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