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Who is Intuitive Cristine?

Energy Type: Generator

Strategy: Responding

Authority: Sacral

Definition: Split Definition

Profile: 3/6 Martyr/The Role Model

Environment: Shores

Human Design with Cristine
Cristine Seidell-Holland

More about me...

As a 3/6, I seek answers and adventure. I learn through trial and error. I truly believe failure is a myth. My life mission is to turn mistakes into wisdom. And I love to help others find their mission and live with passion. 


We are all born with gifts that are unique to us. When I learned and started living my Human Design, I began to understand how my energy moves through the world and how to work with it. By using my body and emotions as a compass, I was able to access my intuition. Human Design brought me back to myself and opened my purpose. 


Today, I am a Therapist, Human Design and Manifestation Coach. My mission, to support others as they become who they were truly meant to be, is why I’m here.

The Ego Project Podcast

Check out my podcast

The Ego Project Podcast, hosted by me and author Lisa Heidle, is where we do the perfectly-imperfect work of healing our ego wounds.


Through unscripted and unedited conversations with thought-leaders, therapists, spiritualists, and creatives, The Ego Project explores how ego wounding and healing impacts our lives.

Making Human Design easy

Part of my mission is to make Human Design accessible to everyone.


Human Design has given me clarity, focus, and self-understanding. It changed my life. I want that knowing and sense of peace for others. 

At first glance, the Human Design chart appears confusing. My job with you is to interpret it and show you the genius in the shapes, definitions, and language so your brilliance becomes clear, as does your purpose. 

Already have your chart?

Manifesting is our birth rite

The gift of manifestation is inside us from the moment we take our first breath. Through conditioning and disappointment, many of us build a wall between us and our manifesting abilities, separating ourselves from source energy. 

As a manifesting entrepreneur, it is my purpose to support you as you learn how to remove the obstacles in your thinking in order to open up a clear flow of energy between you and the life you've always wanted.


Accepting your manifestation abilities can be a life-changing experience. Whether it's a relationship, career, or abundance in your life--or all three!--let me support you on the path! 

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